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AI visual programming platform

As an important part and core module of the “Microsoft Showcase School” case, the AI visual programming platform of Fang Xiaozhi, developed by Adjacentech in collaboration with Microsoft, is also included in the scope of this collaboration. Adjacentech will build an exclusive AI visual programming platform based on the specific teaching needs of Huijia School and its audience students and try to integrate it into daily subject education and IB (International Baccalaureate) curriculum.

Two dedicated classrooms for the “Microsoft Showcase School” at Huijia School

Two dedicated classrooms for the “Microsoft Showcase School” case have been prepared at Huijia School, with corresponding teaching environments according to Microsoft Showcase School standards, including Surface tablets for independent use by students, large teaching screens, etc. As a part of the Showcase School project, Adjacentech deployed the AI visual programming platform in the teachers' computers and students' learning computers, and docked Azure, Microsoft's artificial intelligence cloud platform, to build the basic hardware and software environment for teachers to teach, students to learn, and hands-on experiments to support school teaching and learning.

AI visual programming platform teaching materials

At the same time, Fang Xiaozhi's AI visual programming platform with 24 hours of supporting teaching materials to provide detailed and rich content support for teaching, including basic theory of industrial intelligence and programming, Fang Xiaozhi's AI course and AI extension course, in which the AI course is rich in content, covering speech, language, text, vision, search and other cutting-edge AI technology, in the course of teaching can not only impart relevant AI knowledge, but also build their own relevant AI applications, and actually experience the magic of AI technology in different scenarios.

In the actual teaching, primary and secondary school students have a strong ability to adapt to the graphical programming interface, quickly get started, and by dragging and dropping to quickly build their own artificial intelligence applications. At the same time, Fang Xiaozhi's AI visual programming platform is highly integrated with Microsoft Azure AI cognitive services, integrating programming thinking to help students recognize and understand AI, and apply AI, and form logical programming thinking skills.