Exhibition Center

Visualization + Interactive = Advanced Experience

Under the general environment of urban service and industrial transformation under the conditions of "technological innovation" and "double innovation" promoted by the state, use the most advanced technology to create the latest display and experience effects, and create a display experience led by advanced technology center

What is a display experience center for high-tech digital display solutions?

The new technology exhibition experience center is suitable for creating the "technology experience culture" of cities or enterprises, and can be used for the construction of exhibition centers, planning halls, science and technology halls, museums, etc. The new technology exhibition experience center is a new experience mode of public services for cities and enterprises.

Widely used to display the image of the city or the company, create business cards for the city, build the industrial upgrading of the enterprise and travel in the smart industry, and create a new technology innovation atmosphere.

Adjacentech technology high-tech digital creative display solution

Adjacentech designs and develops visual and interactive display scenes through research and understanding of new technologies, so that new technologies can be seen and touched.

With the development of display scenes as the core, it provides the design and construction of a display experience center, training, operation and maintenance full cycle services, providing customers with turnkey solutions.

Demonstrate the core workflow of the solution

The design and development of the display scene is the core of the high-tech digital display center. As the core Xingyuan display solution, the cutting-edge technology and development are dynamically integrated into the content delivered by the customer to form an integrated display scene.

The following core links facilitate the digital construction of the exhibition center:

The core technology of the exhibition center

Utilize the "smart cloud + smart end" of the latest global technologies, including big data visualization, mixed reality/virtual reality, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, the latest human-machine exchange, etc.

Visualization + Interactive = Advanced Experience

Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence experience area showcases Microsoft's machine learning platform technology, developing models and training artificial intelligence applications for special needs.

Mixed Reality

Based on Microsoft HoloLens and 3R platform technology and partner related technologies, as well as workspace, and show MR products and applications.

Big Data

Display and experience big data collection, processing and display technologies. Including Microsoft cloud big data processing technology, and various display and experience of data visualization.

Internet of Things

Demonstrate IoT platform architecture and IoT production technologies, standards and industrial scenarios, and showcase and experience application scenarios in the industry.

Human-Machine Interface

Human-Machine Interface displays and experiences modern human-computer interaction technology and its possibilities, including somatosensory interaction and language interaction technology.

Showcase Example

The display uses massive fragments as elements, through real-time calculation and imaging, dynamically combined into a large display picture, creating an interesting display effect. Massive debris selects customer-related big data pictures, and large display pictures highlight the content design that customers need to deliver.

Big data massive debris welcome screen

Show the development history of artificial intelligence in the visual way of InfoGraphic. Artificial intelligence NLP and guest Q&A dialogues appear to explain milestones and answer guest questions, forming an interactive history of artificial intelligence in the form of voice Q&A.

Information display wall based on natural language question and answer

Use HoloLens mixed reality technology as the medium to create a mixed reality exhibition hall, providing a brand new technology platform and a cool experience. HoloLens can form real and virtual interactions between real people, virtual people, real objects, virtual objects, real environments, virtual environments and other elements, and is ideal for creating exhibition centers, enterprise exhibition halls, exhibition halls, etc. medium.

Mixed reality MR showroom

The information traceability intelligent booth built with artificial intelligence technology. Put the beer (can be replaced with other items) on the desktop, and the data information about the beer will be displayed. About its origin, including raw material components, the process of traceable food can also be achieved through visual methods.

Information Traceable Smart Booth

Utilizing the hardware environment of the closed 300-degree ring screen, using software technology to create big data and smart city demonstration scenes, combined with on-site interactive control equipment, the audience will be impressed with the experience and stimulate the imagination.

300° Big Data Interactive Ring Screen

Users stand at the "navigation map" at their feet, face the huge LED screen, sense and track the user's behavior in real time through somatosensory technology, The user can "walk" on the map, and the characters on the LED screen or projection also move accordingly.

Immersive information display L screen

Customized arc screen application, with video playback window in the middle and magnetic tiles on both sides of Live Tile, showing investment policy pictures and incubating company logos, which can be played on the middle screen by clicking. The image of Xiaona appears on the screen, interactive Q&A with guests, and displays related pictures or videos according to the requirements.

Magnetic ring screen information display

Demonstrate the use of Microsoft's Intelligent Edge artificial intelligence service, using existing road monitoring equipment, to carry out accurate quantitative real-time modeling of urban traffic to form a true urban traffic big data model, thereby using artificial intelligence algorithms to ease urban traffic

Big data display screen