Hololens Mixed Reality Classroom

Adjacentech is committed to the application of new technologies in the education industry. As a new practice in educational equipment, the Mixed Reality Classroom will bring great improvement to the quality of teaching and unleash the endless imagination of students.

STEM 创客教育课堂

Introduction to Mixed Reality Classroom Scenarios

Adjacentech builds a Hololens Mixed Reality Classroom based on mixed reality technology, using Hololens devices as a medium to integrate the real teacher, students and classroom environment with virtual teaching aids and virtual scene environment to create a brand new Mixed Reality Classroom and create a surreal learning environment.

1. Virtual and real scenes are integrated, so that teachers and students can see each other and the virtual teaching aids at the same time.

2. Teachers and students can "watch" the virtual teaching aid together, and explain, ask questions, answer and communicate face to face without affecting their notes.

3. Other students who are not wearing Hololens can watch the classroom content in Hololens synchronously through a third-party view output screen.

Richer Teaching Content

The MR Mixed Reality Classroom can mix and match teaching topics with the teacher's environment, so that teaching scenes that could not be visualized in the past can now be easily constructed in HoloLens. At Sichuan Foreign Language School, teachers can place models of buildings in different natural environments, or replace the ground with the surface of the moon or the ocean floor to lead students on a "field" exploration, or travel through space and time to visualize scenes such as the Great Wall of the Han Dynasty or the distribution of the Qinhuai River in the Sui Dynasty.

More efficient learning experiences

With the help of holograms, all students need is a HoloLens to understand abstract knowledge that may have previously required talent to understand well. With the intelligent digital assistant provided by MR Classroom, students can engage in self-help learning at any time, with the assistant explaining in real time as 3D holograms and scenes change, and students talking to each other with their natural voice, transforming the previously boring learning process into a two-way active interaction, making the learning experience better, easier, and more efficient.

Enhancing Competitiveness with Technological Innovation

The MR Classroom is a new level of innovation for schools, with virtual teaching aids, virtual scenarios, synchronized holographic presentations and other features that not only meet the demands of today's students for personalized learning, but also the expectations of education for innovation. Recognition gives schools a better competitive edge in recruiting students and improving the quality of schooling.

Teacher-student master-slave structure

Third party perspective

Artificial Intelligence Technology

Basic Functionality Points of the HoloLens Mixed Reality Classroom

Custom image recognition

Chinese Speech Control

Teacher-student space sharing