Guangzhou no.16 Middle School

Microsoft Showcase School

As a partner of Microsoft China Tire 1 and the designated partner of the Microsoft Showcase School project, Adjacentech is fully responsible for the construction and landing of the Microsoft Showcase School project at the 16th Secondary School in Guangzhou.

Through extensive communication with the school, the content of the Microsoft Showcase School project at the 16th Secondary School in Guangzhou was determined, that is, mixed reality as the core technology content, supplemented with artificial intelligence (STEAM) related curriculum content. The application of Mixed Reality technology in basic education helps schools to create relevant MR Mixed Reality content for extracurricular knowledge, so that students can quickly understand and experience Mixed Reality technology, while learning and understanding relevant knowledge content in the form of immersive experiences. In addition, the project also covers Microsoft's official STEAM teaching curriculum, building the space and hardware and software environment in which STEAM hands-on experiments can be conducted.

Based on the specific needs of the teaching scenario, Adjacentech has designed the space layout, hardware planning and software content construction to meet the smooth application of the final project. In terms of space layout, the teaching area, hands-on experimental area and experience area were created, and different space modules and functional partitions were made to meet the needs of teaching scenes, hands-on experimental scenes and guest viewing experience scenes, respectively. In terms of hardware planning, according to different functional partitions and teaching scenarios, the equivalent hardware equipment is configured, such as the demo experience area to build HoloLens 1+N+1 hardware planning and system, to meet the different scenarios of one person watching, several people watching and more than a dozen people watching, to truly achieve mixed reality collaboration and real-time synchronization. The software system not only introduces the original STEAM curriculum from Microsoft headquarters, but also creates relevant extra-curricular MR tutorials and teaching aids, such as undersea world, car dismantling, cosmic pilot, etc., based on the teaching content of the 16th Guangzhou High School, providing teachers and students with cool and rich MR mixed reality teaching content.

The project took 3 months from signing to delivery, and through the joint efforts of Microsoft China, Guangzhou Sixteen Middle School and Adjacentech, the project was delivered and accepted on time. And a grand opening ceremony was held to invite relevant leaders from Guangzhou and the district to attend and design and plan the experience project, which was well received by the participants.