Henan Vocational and Technical College

Big Data Double Creation Base and "Microsoft Technology Practice Center"

According to the requirements of the conference of the Big Data Dual-Creation School-Enterprise Cooperation Forum jointly held by Henan Provincial Development and Reform Commission and Henan Provincial Department of Education, by Led by the Department of Cooperative Education, with the joint efforts of the leadership of the Department of Information Engineering and relevant professional teachers, Henan Polytechnic and Microsoft (China) University-Enterprise Cooperation Project "Big Data Dual-Creation Base Construction Plan" was finally approved by the Provincial Development and Reform Commission and Education Department, Henan Occupational The construction of the Big Data Dual Innovation Base project of the College of Technology will take the Microsoft Technology Practice Center as the blueprint and build a technology practice and incubation center. With big data as the core technology main line, to stimulate the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, forming a big data industry incubation effect.

The Big Data Dual-Creation Base is a joint effort between Henan Polytechnic and Microsoft China to create an innovative talent training model and establish a partnership between Henan and Microsoft China. A sample of Microsoft's in-depth collaboration to build a bridge between government, business, education industry and talent development in Henan province to strengthen innovation Cultivate technical talents and improve the quantity and quality of innovative technical talents. As the implementer of this project, Adjacentech will take the cooperation between Henan Vocational College and Microsoft China as the content and scope, and use "Microsoft" as the basis. We will construct and implement the Big Data Dual Innovation Base in accordance with the standard of "Technology Practice Center".

Divided into two sections, the Big Data Duo Base will provide a one-stop shop for a full range of services, from big data technology experience and stimulation to actual project incubation on the ground.

1. Big data technology showcase practice area: combining Microsoft's most cutting-edge technologies and industry solutions, with big data and related derived technologies, to construct a technology demonstration, practice and exercise centre on the subject.

2. Big Data Talent Incubator: modern incubator center office environment, leading hardware and software support, including co-working suites, cloud computing resources, panel discussion rooms, workshop areas, etc.

Adjacentech, as the project implementer, carried out three aspects of work on the Big Data dual-venture base:

1. Design phase: Theme design We will complete the conceptual and physical space design, complete the functional zoning plan for the entire space, and complete the Microsoft theme as per Microsoft's requirements. Space design;

2. Development phase: Based on Microsoft's cutting-edge big data technology, define the display content and scenarios for the exhibition center and work with the Henan Vocational and Technical College combined with local content to popularize big data technology and demonstrate big data scenarios in a cool experience;

3. Implementation Stage: Complete the deployment of hardware and software and network for the exhibition space and incubation space of the Big Data Innovation Base, and achieve the goal of moving into the new building.

The entire project was originally planned to be completed in half a year, but the actual construction time is 4 months. As the core content of the Double Creation Base, the exhibition center has built 14 exhibition scenes, mainly based on big data technology, supplemented by artificial intelligence, cloud computing, human-computer interaction and other technologies, to create a digital exhibition space with a great sense of science and technology.

Henan Vocational and Technical College's Big Data Double Venture Base was officially opened to the public in November 2018 with a grand opening ceremony, and Microsoft Asia Pacific Education General Manager Lairi Nielsen awarded the Big Data Double Venture Base with a plaque, and visited and experienced the Big Data application technology with the college leaders, giving full affirmation and high praise to the Big Data Double Venture Base, and put forward good expectations for the future of the Big Data Double Venture Base in technology and project incubation.