Henan Vocational and Technical College

Microsoft Mixed Reality Innovation Classroom

Microsoft's Mixed Reality Innovation Classroom is a dedicated classroom. The biggest difference between this classroom and others is that it comes with 20 sets of HoloLens and HoloLens software developed specifically for teaching. The Landscape Design Landscaping major is an important major in the College and is also particularly suited to the innovations brought about by mixed reality technology, with the first phase of teaching being Landscape Design.

Adjacentech has developed practical software for teaching landscape design specifically for the Microsoft Mixed Reality Innovation Classroom. Wearing HoloLens and using the software, students can conduct field-building experiments in landscape design in a virtual space using various elements provided in the software, including landforms, buildings, running water, artificial lakes, stone bridges, trees, and more. Students can also create their own elements to upload to the software for use. Students use various elements to construct the landscape, and it is very convenient to add and delete them during the construction process, and they can also observe the landscape in different ratios such as 1:1, 1:20.

The Microsoft Mixed Reality Innovation Classroom provides an ideal platform for Henan Vocational and Technical College faculty and students to practice. The characteristics of the landscape design project are not practical and the computer design software is limited to two-dimensional space, and the sense of practicality and interactivity are not ideal. Mixed reality classroom simulation is high, immersion and hands-on, with good student experience and high engagement.