Horinger New District

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Incubation Base Exhibition Center

The purpose of the special exhibition hall is to showcase artificial intelligence and big data technologies and application scenarios, to provide a space for learning, imagination, discussion, and collaboration, for technology exploration, product development and project cooperation of incubating enterprises and cooperative enterprises, while being able to incubate the base innovation achievements.

The special exhibition hall puts extremely high requirements on the scientific and technological content of the exhibition display. It needs to synchronize the world's most cutting-edge artificial intelligence and big data technology, combined with the development characteristics of Inner Mongolia, in a "visible and tangible" way and with a strong sense of technology. This is a great challenge as it requires not only an in-depth understanding of artificial intelligence and big data technology, but also need to have a perspective of industry application scenarios. It also requires a strong software customization development ability as well as the ability to integrate with the traditional exhibition hall display technology.

In 2017, Adjacentech with its own technical strength and project experience, stood out in the bidding under the strict evaluation of Inner Mongolia Horinger New Area and Microsoft (China). The design and built of the special decoration hall of data and artificial intelligence application incubation base, was successfully completed and put into use in early 2018.

To deliver the task to the highest standard, Adjacentech has provided comprehensive guarantees in terms of technology, content, and projects.

Technically, 14 softwares have been specially developed for the exhibition hall to display artificial intelligence and big data technology and their application scenarios, and integrate the software with large splicing screens, projection matrix, somatosensory interactive equipment, sound and light and shadow equipment etc. The integration of technology endowed the exhibition hall with a strong sense of technology, a high sense of coolness, and a wealth of technological content.

In terms of content, with the main line of Microsoft artificial intelligence technology and the support of related industrial technologies, it not only fully demonstrates Microsoft artificial intelligence technology, but also closely integrates with the related industrial technology in the Horinger New District. It is proactive, stimulates innovative ideas, and is practical, and can be implemented through the engineering process.

As a part of implementation of the project, Adjacentech and the design team, decoration team, large screen and projection equipment team of the exhibition hall conducted full docking and supervision and management to ensure the final exhibition hall effect.

Since its opening, the exhibition hall has received tens of thousands of visitors, including governments at all levels in and outside the autonomous region, innovative enterprises, cooperative enterprises, and even teachers and students in primary and secondary schools.