Ikang Guobin

Mixed Reality and Artificial Intelligence Q&A BOT

HoloLens is vastly different from traditional VR headsets. The traditional VR helmet is totally enclosed. After wearing it, you can only see the content presented by the digital world. After wearing HoloLens, you can not only see the digital world, but also the physical world. In other words, after wearing HoloLens, customers can not only see the digital robot nurse, but also look at the medical report in their hands and communicate face-to-face with the digital robot nurse about the content of the medical report. The overall experience is natural and smooth.

Another feature of the mixed reality digital question answering robot is its ability to communicate naturally. The customer asks the nurse questions in his own natural way of speaking. The background of the digital nurse is Microsoft's artificial intelligence natural speech processing system, which can understand the meaning of the customer's question in real time and extract the correct answer from the trained anticipation library. Provide customers with voice and text in a coordinated manner. Adjacentech customized and trained the knowledge content of digital robots according to the needs of Ikang Guobin, covering the common experience reporting problems.

Ikang Guobin mixed reality digital question and answer robot applies the latest advanced technology to solve practical business problems, and at the same time brings a cool sense of freshness to customers.

Mixed reality digital question and answer robots are suitable for many scenarios, including reception halls, business halls, marketing rooms and other places, providing customers with unique experiences.