Mianyang Foreign Language School

Microsoft MR Mixed Reality Classroom

In order to provide quality education, enrich students' extra-curricular knowledge, and provide them with faster access to cutting-edge technology, Mianyang Foreign Language School has partnered with Microsoft China to create MR mixed reality classrooms. As the contractor of this project, Adjacentech was commissioned by Microsoft China to build a modern MR mixed reality classroom at Mianyang Foreign Language School.

The Adjacentech project team actively communicated with the school to explore the potential needs and to plan the layout and final content of the MR classroom based on the actual application scenario. Through several on-site and telephone conferences, it was determined that Mianyang Foreign Language School MR Mixed Reality classrooms are mainly used in primary school grade 1 to junior high school grade 3, each class is roughly 30 students in size, and the teaching scenario does not involve subject education for the time being, mainly focusing on quality education and extracurricular education. Students will be able to experience the latest technology and learn more about extra-curricular content and knowledge in a cool experience.

Based on the final needs of the school, Adjacentech has rationalized the entire classroom space by dividing the classroom into two areas: a teaching area where students can sit and listen to the teacher's lecture, a teaching area with a teacher's podium, an MR device HoloLens and a Surface computer for the teacher's lecture and display, and a student area in groups where students can operate the relevant hardware equipment. The second area is the demonstration area, where teachers and students can demonstrate the MR content in a multi-view mode. The demonstration area is based on the HoloLens features, creating a 1+N+1 hardware environment, which can meet the needs of multiple viewers, and at the same time, the content can be put on the large screen, which can interact with all students present.

Based on the needs and feedback from schools, Adjacentech has created several teaching contents and scenarios based on MR technology, covering astronomy, geography, history, etc. The contents can help teachers teach the relevant lessons and corresponding knowledge points, and support schools to offer lively and interesting extra-curricular lessons.

The project implementation cycle lasted 2 months, and through the joint efforts of the school, Microsoft and Adjacentech, the project was delivered on schedule, and the relevant teachers were trained, completing the overall project construction and delivery work. Mianyang Foreign Language School also became Microsoft's first MR mixed reality classroom in the southwest region and was used in actual extracurricular instruction.