Qingdao High-Tech Zone

IT Incubation Base Exhibition Center

Adjacentech undertook the overall work of the design, development and construction of the exhibition center, including the design of related exhibition scenes, the development of demonstration software and the construction of exhibition scenes, and complete construction of "Microsoft Incubator Exhibition Center" is handed over to the designated unit operations. Adjacentech also provided relevant training and technical support to the operation team of "Microsoft Incubator Exhibition Center".

The construction of the exhibition center places extremely high requirements on the technological content of the exhibition content. It needs to synchronize the world's most cutting-edge information technology, including Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Mixed Reality, Internet of Things, and other technologies, in the exhibition hall with a strong sense of technology. This is a great challenge, as it requires not only an in-depth understanding of artificial intelligence and big data technology, but also a perspective understanding of industry application scenarios. It also requires a strong software customization development capability and integration with traditional exhibition hall display technology.

To complete the task to a high standard, Adjacentech has provided comprehensive guarantees in terms of technology, content and projects.

Technically, 13 softwares have been developed specifically for the exhibition hall to display artificial intelligence and big data technology and their application scenarios, and integrate the software with large splicing screens, projection matrix, somatosensory interactive equipment, sound and light and shadow equipment exhibition halls, etc. The integration of technology has given the exhibition hall a strong sense of technology, a high sense of coolness, and a wealth of technology.

In terms of content, based on the conceptual design and designated exhibition center facilities, specific plans such as space, decoration, software and hardware, equipment, and presentation content are designed according to the specific conditions of the Qingdao Microsoft Incubation Center. The solution design must not just stay on the audio-visual effect of the traditional exhibition center but must reflect how to display the latest technology of Microsoft in a welcoming, interactive experience. The solution must give full play to the advanced features of Microsoft's software and hardware technologies and cloud services, and deeply reflect the scenario demonstration of the integration of software and hardware technologies and cloud services.

As a part of the project implementation, Adjacentech and the exhibition hall design team, decoration and construction team, large screen and projection equipment team conducted full docking and supervision and management, to ensure the final hall effect.