Siemens APAC Leaders Summit

Mixed reality speech customization application

The main speaker of the summit began to take the stage in the applause of the audience to start his speech. A scene unexpected to the audience happened. When the speaker began to talk about the ancient Silk Road, a beckoned camel came to the stage and took everyone to the scene of the desert camel bell. The speaker then talked about the modern Silk Road and the company's strategy in the modern Silk Road. The high-speed rail trains built by the company's core products drove through on the stage, and the energy overhead network built by the company's high-voltage transmission technology was pulled in front of everyone. From the ground up, when the speaker's topic expanded to global strategy, an earth looking out from space appeared on the stage.

The sense of presence, immersion and suddenness of the whole program shocked the participants at the scene. People held up their mobile phones one after another and photographed this moment, which left a deep impression on the participants.

Adjacentech customized the virtual implant application based on the mixed reality HoloLens for this summit, realizing the above scene in real time on site. On-site and real-time are the key to this solution, and reliability is the key. If the video is recorded and played live in advance, the sense of bringing in and immersion on the scene cannot be achieved. However, if there is a technical failure on site, all planning will be reset to zero. Adjacentech's mixed reality HoloLens virtual implant application system has high reliability. Adjacentech's project team, working closely with the Siemens team, not only provided technical support, but also participated in key links such as stage layout and preview. The combination of core technology and service team ensures the success of this project.