Zhuzhou Tianyi Technology City Visitor Center Exhibition Hall

Mass entrepreneurship and innovation base has put forward extremely high requirements on the technological content of the exhibition center, which needs to synchronize the world's most cutting-edge big data, internet of things, artificial intelligence and mixed reality technologies, and present them in the exhibition hall in a way that is popular with visitors and with a strong sense of technology. This requires not only an in-depth understanding of artificial intelligence and big data technologies, but also a strong ability to develop customized software and integrate it with the traditional display technology in the exhibition hall.

Adjacentech and the Microsoft Innovation Center in Hunan have joined forces to customize the research and development of the big data-based debris imaging welcome wall and immersive naked-eye 3D electronic sand table for the display center of the Tianyi Technology City Innovation Base, helping Tianyi Technology City Innovation Base content display, with leading technology as the core, interactive experience as the means, and the content delivered to the visitors as the context of the story, bring a full range of digital content experience.

The display system developed by Adjacentech is very different from the traditional display content based on acousto-optics. Traditional display content mainly relies on large screens, combined with customized video to provide a shocking experience with sound and light effects. The disadvantage of this method is that the technique is relatively simple, and the visitors are well-informed, and it is easy to cause aesthetic fatigue.

The display system developed by Adjacentech, while retaining the advantages of traditional large screens, focuses on the use of artificial intelligence, somatosensory interaction, big data applications, multi-screen linkage and other information technology methods, combined with multimedia content display to create a shocking display content with a strong sense of coolness, technology and interaction.