It is the second time for Gason Guangyuan to attend the exhibition. At this expo, Adjacentech team brought the company's self-developed FangXiaozhi artificial intelligence visualization and programming platform for K12 students, and mixed reality special equipment simulation training platform for corporate training and vocational and technical colleges to the exhibition.

On-site experience audience on artificial intelligence visual programming education and heavy machinery virtual simulation training generated a strong interest, and in the field staff to explain the assistance, experience the FangXiaozhi artificial intelligence visual programming platform and mixed reality heavy machinery operation training platform, the scene was very hot, received high praise and recognition of the leadership of all parties.

FangXiaoZhi Artificial Intelligence Visualization and Programming Platform

FangXiaoZhi Artificial Intelligence Visualization and Programming Platform is an artificial intelligence programming platform launched by Adjacentech and Microsoft, which is designed for youth programming education. Based on the graphical online programming platform, combined with Microsoft Azure artificial intelligence cognitive services, it integrates computational thinking and practice, adapts to teaching scenarios, and realizes zero-threshold artificial intelligence visual programming teaching and hands-on experiments.

Visitors experiencing FangXiaoZhi's artificial intelligence visual programming platform.

Mixed Reality Heavy Machinery Operator Training Platform

Mixed Reality Heavy Machinery Operation Training Platform is a heavy machinery operation training platform built by Adjacentech based on mixed reality technology of Microsoft HoloLens 2. The platform provides a high-fidelity simulation experience for heavy machinery operation training and assessment by combining digital virtual simulation and physical control, which can help students master the operation process through repeated operation training, identify operation risks, and respond to the operation of heavy machinery under safe conditions. Simulation training of possible risk situations to improve operator skill and risk awareness in all aspects.

Viewers experiencing the Mixed Reality Extra Heavy Equipment Simulation Training System